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For patients who have tried, and failed, to lose weight in the past, San Marcos Family Medicine in San Marcos, Texas, offers the services of Ideal Wellness. With medically managed weight loss using the proven Ideal Protein system, San Marcos Family Medicine helps Central Texas patients finally succeed where they’ve continually failed in the past.

San Marcos Family Medicine Ideal Wellness & Weight Loss offers medical management of weight loss: “Your Last Diet” because IT IS! You lose fat quickly, while maintaining your muscle-mass so you can continue to burn calories after dieting without storing fats again. With the VALUABLE nutritional information you’ll learn, you can now maintain your lean muscle mass & keep the pounds OFF FOR LIFE!

Every Monday 6:15 p.m. at our office, 2406 Hunter Road, suite #100, attend a free information meeting to learn more!  Please call or text RSVP to 512-757-7506 to guarantee seating. You will learn how the body loses weight, all about our weight loss program, and ask any questions that you might have. 

If you have an upcoming appointment to get you start on the weight loss program, you will need to bring with you the completed forms below:

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San Marcos Family Medicine looks to support your health, including the ease and convenience of vitamins & supplements onsite. Your provider can recommend exactly what you need and you can pick them up before you leave from your appointment. We also have an online Wellness Shop that offers vitamins and supplements! Click here to access the shop and learn more.

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Additionally, we offer allergy testing and treatment. Call to schedule your appointment today.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is the Ideal Protein weight loss program?

The Ideal Protein weight loss program blends medically-supervised weight loss and healthy lifestyle education to help patients not only lose weight but also keep it off. The Ideal Protein method teaches the body to live off its fat reserves, thus speeding weight loss through the burning of fat, not muscle. It uses meal replacement followed by education to teach patients how to maintain results with the foods they cook at home.

How does Ideal Protein differ from other protein-based weight loss methods?

Ideal Protein works to transform the body’s ability to metabolize sugar by encouraging the pancreas to metabolize just the right amount of insulin. It reduces carbohydrates and fats, but not protein, helping to preserve muscle tissue and organs as the body loses fat.

Most portions have as much as 20 grams of protein, which is significantly more than most competitors. It’s less toxic than other protein diets because it contains no GMOs, no aspartame, no trans fats, and less saturated fat. The protein used is a high biological protein that has 8 essential amino acids for better absorption.

What is involved in the Ideal Protein program?

Ideal Protein is medically managed, which means it’s offered through San Marcos Family Medicine to ensure patients are following the protocols well and maintaining good health. The process involves 4 phases that span the course of 1 year.

Phase 1 takes the patient to 80% of the weight loss goal through a high protein, low-carb, low-fat, extremely controlled diet. This is followed by phase 2, in which the patient changes the diet in preparation for maintenance while losing the remaining 20%. Phase 3 is maintenance, in which the patient learns how to eat to maintain the weight loss. Phase 4 is stabilization, when more foods are introduced to create a lifetime of wellness. Throughout this process, the San Marcos Family Medicine team will supervise the results and the foods consumed.

Is the Ideal Protein weight loss program safe?

Yes, unless a patient has a dysfunctional liver or kidneys, the protocol is safe. An alternative diet’s available for those with Type 1 diabetes. Pregnant or nursing moms shouldn’t use the diet, but can use the protein foods to supplement their existing healthy diet.

How much weight loss is common?

Patients who follow the Ideal Protein protocols can lose significant amounts of weight in the early stages.Women lose average 2-2.5 pounds weekly, and men lose average 3-3.5 pounds weekly.

You can find more information on Ideal Wellness & Weight Loss and Fastlane Clinic at San Marcos Family Medicine.

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