Worker’s Compensation

Workers who’ve been injured on the job need to get medical treatment right away from a facility that understands and is willing to work with workers’ compensation insurance providers. San Marcos Family Medicine has helped patients throughout San Marcos, Texas, and the Central Texas community get the treatment they need and the compensation they deserve after a workplace injury.

Worker's Compensation Q & A

What type of injuries qualify as workers' compensation cases?

Any injury that takes place in the workplace or as a result of work activities may be eligible for workers’ compensation coverage. This can include apparent injuries, like an acute injury that happens on the job, and less obvious ones, like overuse injuries from years of performing the same movement over and over. The team at San Marcos Family Medicine will help patients evaluate their injuries or condition to determine if it’s eligible for workers’ compensation coverage.

What services does San Marcos Family Medicine offer for workers' compensation cases?

The doctors at San Marcos Family Medicine provide many treatments and diagnostic services for injured workers. These include:

  • Evaluation
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Referral to specialists

The treatments themselves are similar to the treatments provided for non-workplace injuries, but the difference is that the bill goes to the workers’ compensation insurance, not the patient’s health insurance.

Because San Marcos Family Medicine works with many workers’ compensation cases every year, the team is well versed in working with the insurance companies to get full and just compensation, while also filing the correct forms and paperwork to thoroughly outline the full extent of the injury to the insurance company’s satisfaction.

What is the first step after a workplace injury?

Before scheduling an appointment with San Marcos Family Medicine, patients should talk to their supervisors or human resources department to ensure they have permission and approval to see workmans’ compensation insurance coverage for the injury. Then after receiving approval, they should schedule an appointment with San Marcos Family Medicine, indicating at the time of scheduling that the injury is workplace related. At the appointment, patients should bring their employer’s workmans’ compensation information.

What types of injuries can San Marcos Family Medicine treat on-site?

San Marcos Family Medicine has an extensive list of services offered to patients, and many of these work well for workplace injuries. Minor breaks, strains, back pain, tendonitis, and carpel tunnel are all conditions the practice can treat. More extensive injuries may require a specialist or physical therapy, and San Marcos Family Medicine has a list of providers that make excellent referrals. Schedule an appointment to discuss workplace injuries with the team at San Marcos Family Medicine today.